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Hengcheng Pharmaceutical Group Huainan Co., Ltd. advantages?


Company employees 430 people, college education more than 200 people, accounting for 48.2% of the total number of employees. Companies adhering to the "perseverance, integrity, self-reliance, innovation," the entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to the high-tech products as the basis, the implementation of export-led strategy to vigorously explore the international and domestic markets and achieved good economic and social benefits. In 2014, it achieved sales income of more than 60 million yuan, profit of more than 5 million yuan, tax payment of about 2.7 million yuan and foreign exchange earnings of 1.9 million U.S. dollars. As a result of good management results and significant business performance, Hengcheng Pharmaceutical Huainan Co., Ltd. has been granted the title of "Advanced Enterprise of Import and Export of Huainan City", "Advanced Unit of Ankang Cup in Huainan City", "Advanced Unit of Safety Production in Huainan City" "And other honorary titles, in 2010 also been assessed as tax-paying enterprises in Anhui Province AA level tax credit units.